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Time Has Changed For The Worst

As humans, we cannot make everyone happy. Today’s society and parenting expects too much from their peers and children. It’s a disaster in the making. Boys and girls are cheating on each other even.

Well guess what? in the 90’s, your parents told you to do your best and the lowest grade you can get is an F. In the 90’s, if boys and girls cheated, the dad brought was the one to deal with. In the 90’s, everyone was friends and no one judged one another like that.

People have miserable lives today because of how they’re being treated today, by both family and friends. It’s time to STOP expecting and judging and START being a friend to one another.

Only your TRUE friends will NEVER leave you. Those true friends will never judge you or look down on you in your life and will become a better family than your actual family. A lot of people are suicidal today because of how they have to live with people judging them and how they’re being raised.

Don’t think I haven’t noticed the change from my time period in the 90’s to the next generation past 2010? People only make it worse on themselves when friends and family make them feel like they’re worthless.

You think it’s funny to troll someone? why don’t you look at the life they have to live and get your facts straight? You’ll only make them feel worse by trolling them and making them “butthurt”.

If someone has a mental disorder, don’t make fun of them or get angry at them for misspelling a word or can’t type properly. A mental disorder can have a grave impact on the brain, even cause slur to speech and make it hard for people to communicate.

We are not perfect, nor are we built to be perfect. We try to make people happy every day, and when we can’t? those people make us feel ashamed at who we are and they get mad at us for failing to do our job. It’a NOT our job to make someone happy, only to make them feel better when they need a friend. It’s NOT our job to please people, it’s our job to try our best. If we fail at what we do? smile! because failure tastes sweeter than getting fingers pointed and laughed at.

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